Standard rollers

What are standard rollers?

The conveyor belt roller executions generally called ‘standard rollers‘ (insert-type rollers with wrench size) are defined by DIN 15207 (October 1960). In September 1971, the DIN standard 15207 was reviewed by the standards committee and slightly altered in parts. However, the ‘roller versions‘ found in the market today still vary considerably with regard to their axle ends.

Our in-house type ‘SEV‘ grants a high quality standard combined with flexible adaptation to your individual requirements. Our construction kit system allows us to customize our rollers to meet your needs! As a standard feature, we protect these conveyor rollers against corrosion by means of a two-component polyurethane coating in RAL 3003. Other RAL colour shades and powder coatings are available on request, too. Customized special executions are nothing out of the ordinary for us – if you need short tube bodies or alternative axle ends, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We keep these rollers with standard dimensions in PE-HD (polyethylene-high-density) in stock, too.  Being made of high-quality plastics, the rollers are a genuine alternative for numerous fields of application. 
We certainly also manufacture special executions, and executions of these standard rollers perfectly adapted to your local conditions, respectively.

We have common types of standard rollers in the style of DIN 15207 in stock. Please find detailed information on our SEV roller standard and on the pertaining construction kit system in the flyer on standard rollers made available to you further below in PDF format.

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