Impact rollers

Impact rollers are also called buffer rollers or feeding rollers.

These rollers are employed at the locations where the material is fed onto the conveyor belt in order to minimize the impact of shocks and hits caused by the dropping material fed to be conveyed. For this purpose, special cushion rings are attached onto the rollers and are secured against shifting. Although the trimming is usually distributed over the whole length of the roller body, it does also allow for innumerous individual combinations and special solutions.

We do not only offer the impact roller trimming in the form of standard trimming, but also provide customized solutions including individualized fittings as per demand.
Our comprehensive stock with products featuring standard dimensions allows for short delivery times.

Ring diameter: Ø 89, 108, 120, 133, 150, 159, 193 mm

We manufacture customized impact rollers and will be pleased to give you our advice on the basis of our experience gained in many years. The layout, design, and the tolerances depend on the corresponding environmental variables on site.

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