Return rollers

Return rollers are also called idling rollers, lower trough rollers or, when equipped with rubber rings, supporting ring rollers.

These rollers are mostly provided with supporting rings and are used for the returning part of the belt in conveyor belt systems. The attached rings facilitate the removal of material to be conveyed adhering to the belt. In addition, they prevent wear of the rollers and thus increase the service life of the rollers correspondingly.

We do not only manufacture the trimming of return rollers in the form of standard trimming, but also offer customized solutions including individual fittings according to specification.
Our comprehensive stock with products featuring standard dimensions allows for short delivery times.

Ring diameter: Ø 89, 108, 120, 133, 150, 180, 159, 180, 193, 200, 210, 245, 275 mm
Types and ring forms

  • supporting ring of form A
  • supporting ring of form B (end ring)
  • supporting ring package
  • buffer ring (cushion ring)
  • supporting discs
  • swash plate (spiral ring)
  • distance sleeve
  • retaining ring made of steel (for clamping or welding)

Quality-related examples employed in accordance with the field of application and the conditions on site:

  • standard
  • NBR
  • special mixture for heavy duty operation
  • PU (polyethylene)
  • food safe
  • self-extinguishing
  • two-material rings

We manufacture customized return rollers and will be pleased to give you advice on the basis of our experience gained in many years.

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