We offer customized gearboxes and belt conveyor drives in accordance with your requirements.

Example: QuarryMaster® belt conveyor drive from our partner Stiebel:
The ideal system for heavy-duty applications at locations where bulk material is won and conveyed:

  • stone quarries
  • gravel pits
  • cement plants

QuarryMaster® belt conveyor drives – Technical data:

  • generally designed to meet the operating factor Bf ≥ 1.3 full load
  • output: P = 1.1 up to 90 kW
  • output side: (oder Antrieb (drive side) ???): n2 = 22 up to 175 min-1
  • IEC motors: B5 or B14 IP 55, ISO F
  • 50/60 Hz multi-range voltage
  • rpm indication with 50 Hz up to 3 kW 230/400 V, from 4 kW on 400/690 V
  • return stop can be mounted subsequently, and a change of rotating direction is possible, respectively
  • hollow shaft diameter from 30 up to 120 mm
  • mounting position V1, motor with rain roof and oil expansion tank

In combination with the proven gear coupling located in the oil bath between gearbox and motor, the belt conveyor drives are primarily designed for the lower up to the medium load range. The particularly compact design allows for a great variety of mounting positions.

Stiebel QuarryMaster® is an extremely robust  high-quality gearbox especially developed to meet the requirements of conveyor technology. The compact housing combines the powerful Stiebel high-tech gearbox with a high-quality IEC motor to establish a permanently convincing unit.

Being designed to meet the hardest conditions possible, the QuarryMaster® stands out due to optimum stability against overturning even with great loads or frequent changes of load. In the first place, this is a result of high-value detail solutions, e.g. the integrated torque bracket or the return stop with oil lubrication. Thanks to a great variety of hollow shafts, the QuarryMaster® permits to be flexibly adapted to many different requirement profiles.

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