Guide rollers

Guide rollers are also called stub rollers, limiting rollers, track-guiding rollers, snub rollers or lateral guide rollers.

They are employed in bulk material conveyor systems where they counteract off-track running or serve as conveyor rollers in slat wave conveyors.
In piece goods conveyor systems, these rollers are used, among others, to deviate the material to be conveyed.

In most cases, the different product executions vary in wall thickness, axle ends, thread lengths, or material. We do not only manufacture inexpensive standard solutions, but also complex products made from full metal and plastics material.

Guide rollers made of plastics, diabolo rollers as well as guide rollers featuring a round cover are exemplary special designs.
We keep a selection of standardized types in stock. The layout, design, and the tolerances depend on the corresponding field of application.

We manufacture customized guide rollers and will be pleased to give you advice on the basis of our experience gained in many years.

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