Competitition-crucial future programs: Employees, Machinery & Information Technology

Conveying engineering is a partial discipline of mechanical engineering. It is of key importance for material flow in industry. The focus is on the conception, specification, planning and execution of conveyor systems. In this important market segment, we are present with conveying elements and very frequently  custom-made problem solutions from the SCHAD production. The core competence can be summarized with the slogan "Everything moves conveyor technology". In order to meet these high requirements today and in the future, the implementation of three strategic projects was started immediately after the move to the new headquarters:

  • Advanced training of the employees
  • Extension & modernization of the manufacturing machines
  • Development of the Information Technology (IT) & EDP. 

Reorganization of the enterprise: Fit for future challenges

The annual growth rates of SCHAD Förderelemente necessitated an adaptation of the corporate structures. With the support of external advisors, the reorganization of corporate structures, responsibilities and reporting was undertaken in 2016/17. The positions of the plant manager, the head of production and senior employees and foremen have been newly created. With these structural measures on the personnel line, the efficiency could be noticeably increased and be adapted to the constantly rising output figures. Clearly defined process and run procedures obtained their positive effect on the operational sequences.

Training programs to further qualify employees have been completed in the meantime:

  • Industrial safety
  • Crane operation
  • For CNC machine operation. 

Approximately 60 employees, including 52 specialists in full-time employment, today form a highly qualified team at the company headquarters in Hungen. 

The employee qualification program was accompanied by the acquisition of new means of production. With investments within the six-digit range, the capacities in the areas of

  • CNC (computer-aided numeric control of machine tools - CNC machines).
  • Milling
  • Welding adapted to the increasing production requirements. 

For the year 2018, two training positions for young entrants within the technical and commercial fields were put in place.