SCHAD product portfolio: Everything that moves conveyor technology

Today, SCHAD Förderelemente maintains business relationships with 1,300 customers and 400 suppliers. Managing Director Mario Schad summarizes the entrepreneurial activities and the product portfolio in the following short formula: "We drive almost everything that can be moved". Customers from Hungen, Central Hesse, appreciate the "Made in Germany" components, which are renowned for their high quality, durability and longevity. These include:

  • Support rollers
  • Band drums
  • Max stations
  • Transmission
  • Drum motors
  • Wiper
  • Drive drums
  • Wear rubber
  • Camp
  • Accessories. 

These components move conveying engineering on all continents of the world. Important target audiences and industries are:

  • Stone & grounding industry
  • Mines
  • Foundries
  • Mountain & open mining
  • Foodstuffs industry
  • Power stations
  • Recycling technology
  • Chemical industry
  • Harbor facilities
  • Tunnel construction.