Rollers made to order

The term ‘rollers made to order’ comprises a great number of roller types and varieties for the fields of bulk and piece goods.

Due to the great variety of individual solutions and standards, it is not possible to assign all conveyor roller executions to certain product groups. This includes very different executions of the axle ends, of the jacket/body, or of the sealing. Quite frequently, there are only very slight modifications, e.g. shortened jacket lengths with standard dimensions.

We adapt our products to meet your requirements.
Example of innovation: 
Conveyor rollers with sealings for recycling operations:
We have dealt with the specific problems facing recycling operations and, as a result, have developed sealing systems coping with the conditions in recycling facilities.

We manufacture customized rollers made to order and will be pleased to advice you on the basis of our experience gained in many years. The layout, design, and the tolerances depend on the corresponding environmental variables on site.

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