Plastic rollers

We manufacture plastic rollers of PVC, PE-HD, PA6, POM and other plastic materials. Depending on the field of application, these rollers are made on the basis of tube bodies or, if required, are turned from solid material.

Typical field of applications are:

  • where solenoids are involved
  • at conveyor systems exposed to strongly corroding matter, e.g. fertiliser
  • where noise emission needs to be reduced
  • where weight and, thus, energy consumption is to be decreased
  • where material adhesion has to be prevented

Plastic rollers with standard and special dimensions made of PE-HD featuring the diameters 63.5mm, 90mm, and 108 mm are also available in alternative executions of our SKU series.
Type SKU: conveyor roller with PE-HD jacket and steel axle
Type SKUII: conveyor roller with PE-HD jacket, inside axle made of steel, and axle ends made of plastics 
Type SKUIII: conveyor roller with PE-HD jacket and axles made of high-alloyed steel material.

We also manufacture customized plastic rollers and are pleased to give our customers advice on the basis of our experience gained in many years. The layout, design, and the tolerances of these products correspond to the specific environmental variables on site.

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